Implementation of ERP

Implementation of ERPs

At PerformIT Solutions, we have a proven track record when delivering highly specialised ERP Solution professionals and teams. Implementation of ERPs systems When implementing ERP Systems, some processes must be completed to have success from the transition. There are many complexities involved in redesigning an organisations system to implement ERPs. A pre-implementation and implementation strategy… Read more »

Why organisations need Business Process and Design

Why organisations need Business Process and Design

When considering digital transformation in any organisation, it is critical to have a business process design to identify what changes need to be made successfully. The objective is to identify and implement fundamentally different business processes to improve tasks that can be resource exhaustive and time-consuming, and proven to be costly in the long run.… Read more »

How Artificial Intelligence can be applied to ERP

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied to ERP | PerfomIT Solutiions | ERP Specialists

If you’re new to the idea of ERP Applications, the best way to think of it is an all-singing, all-dancing enterprise-wide application, bringing all your crucial business strategies, processes and transactions under one roof. Artificial Intelligence working in tandem with a physical team is a match made in business heaven, and in this latest PerformIT… Read more »