5 Amazing Features of SAP!

5 Amazing Features of SAP! | PerformIT Solutions

At PerformIT Solutions, we specialise in a number of different software applications to enhance your business’s productivity as well as aid your employees to perform to the best of their abilities in their roles. SAP is just one of many products we hold expertise in, and this latest blog will discuss the five most amazing… Read more »

How AI can enhance your Enterprise Resource Planning

How AI can enhance your Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process that integrates all aspects of a company into one cohesive system. This can include sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, and more. ERP systems are vital to the success of any business, and it is essential to choose the right provider if you want your business to succeed. This blog… Read more »

PerformIT Solutions – Supporting Women in Tech Jobs

Women in Tech Jobs | PerformIT Solutions

They say that statistics don’t lie, and the hard truth is that, sadly, women are massively underrepresented in the tech industry. Women in tech jobs only make up a shocking 15% of the industry; at PerformIT Solutions, we’re on a mission to change this. We have consistently championed women in tech roles. We have a… Read more »

Three signs your business needs an ERP Specialist in Manchester!

ERP Specialists Manchester | PerformIT Solutions

ERPs (more commonly known as Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions) are bespoke, purpose-built systems that allow a business to optimise various internal processes across its business strategy. As ERP Specialists Manchester, PerformIT Solutions can help your business ‘level up’ across multiple internal procedures and protocols. These include: Finance HR Manufacturing Supply chain Procurement CRM Advanced algorithms… Read more »

Importance of Infrastructure and Hardware

Importance of Infrastructure and Hardware, when moving to the Cloud | PerformIT Solutions | ERP Manchester

At PerformIT Solutions, we have a proven track record when delivering highly specialised ERP Solution professionals and teams. Infrastructure and Hardware when moving to the Cloud With any ERP transformation, we must begin with getting the fundamentals right. The infrastructure must be the star of the show so the organisation can migrate with no hurdles… Read more »