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Infrastructure and Hardware when moving to the Cloud

With any ERP transformation, we must begin with getting the fundamentals right. The infrastructure must be the star of the show so the organisation can migrate with no hurdles and hiccups. Many organisations have incredibly high costs when it comes to the maintenance of existing systems. PerformIT have years of experience and reputation when it comes to designing and implementing infrastructure and hardware. We proudly build a system that enhances agility for the organisation to transform to ERPs with minimum disruption and costs.

Our aim is always to work with the organisation by analysing the existing situation and moving operations and migrating to the cloud. When planning and analysing is in process, organisations learn that a lot of the hardware and existing systems are less effective than we imagine.

The majority of the time the infrastructure is placed in different parts of the cloud, this allows the organisation to eliminate a high amount of dependencies, which again are reduced when transformation to the cloud is taking place with the least amount of disruption for an operational & running business.

To make the working environment a happy place overall. Employees needs are that they are able to have access to all the tools needed to make them productive, organisations will be progressive in this new delicate economic world of business. At PerformIT we will take care of all the technicals so any organisation can prosper with up-to-date data and real-time reporting. We will bring you an easy to set up and foolproof system that gives you all and more.

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