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At PerformIT Solutions, we have a very high success rate in security and data migration with regards to delivering specialised ERP solutions across our client portfolio.

Security & Data Migration at PerformIT Solutions

With any corporation, there is evidently risks around security and data breaches, especially with cloud migration. On the other side, cloud migration has proven to have many benefits such as cost efficiency, disaster recovery and quality control. So it is only a matter of time before more businesses will look up towards the clouds (pun intended)! At PerformIT Solutions, we support our clients in taking every precaution concerning data security.

Not all customers have the ability or understanding when it comes to account security or the importance of cloud migrations. There could be many security implications that could go unnoticed such as sensitive data leaks, no backups or insider threats. Many businesses will find data being lost or duplicated during and after the transition. Our consultants at PerformIT Solutions have risk prevention expertise and ensure that the cloud migration is as smooth and viable as possible.

With any data migration, all eyes are on the system security and at PerformIT Solutions, we look after all transformations from the early stages of a digital transformation project to the implementation and taking care of all the individual business needs.

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