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What do Millennials want from ERPs?

Millennials and technology is a match made from the word go. From tablets to laptops and computers to mobile phones as well as the recent working from home arrangements. Technology has come a long way and later generations are growing to be a whizz at using them, given a few hours to work it all out and the intuitive user interface designs. Being technophobes is now a thing of the past. Older users are now having to accept that knowing how to use technology is the only way forward as typical technologies are ‘out with the old’, with smart devices being ‘in with the new’.

Does being super-fast with smart technology prepare you for using ERPs?

What should be considered?

In the era we are living in with current situations and uncertainties, ‘Hybrid Working’ is the norm. Organisations have had to consider setting up their employees from their homes to keep businesses running.

Millennials are the scrolling and posting generation that need fast internet connections for upload and download speeds and efficiency. There is an app for almost everything; banking, travelling, booking hotels and holidays to online learning for schools, colleges and universities through COVID-19. We are now working towards Artificial Intelligence to cut down human need and manning in organisations. These services come at a cost and we have learnt that businesses are willing to invest for the future of their businesses in the long run.

Can we make ERPs user friendly?

The answer is YES, absolutely. Millennials know what they want. Foolproof, no fuss, intuitive design and consistency is the key and we at PerformIT can do that for you. Our approach is to work with you to ensure we suit your every need. We will design and execute to the highest standard with the latest technologies and emerging trends, as well as ensure you’re operating within industry best practices.

Will your ERPs give you accessibility from anywhere?

The answer is YES, again we will work to your needs and the way forward is Cloud-based ERPs. We have seen an upward trend to support employees to work from home so that a login means you can seamlessly access your tasks and work from anywhere and everywhere. Giving the workforce access from home means organisations are cutting costs in leasing office space and hiring staff to run daily office-based jobs such as caterers, cleaners and administration etc. Re-investing in emerging technologies and the challenges of keeping up with user needs and demands.

Are you always going to be up to date working in real time?

Again the answer is YES. Real time reporting is the only way Millennials know. The reality is that each organisation has the latest data at hand and receive updates often so the expectations are set and anything less in the latest working environment is unacceptable. Working from home, not having real time data affects productivity, be it workforce or data-focused as the usual office surroundings are now a thing of the past.


To make the working environment a happy place overall. Employees needs are that they are able to have access to all the tools needed to make them productive, organisations will be progressive in this new delicate economic world of business. At PerformIT we will take care of all the technicals so any organisation can prosper with up-to-date data and real time reporting. We will bring you an easy to set up and foolproof system that gives you all and more.

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