Implementation of ERPs

At PerformIT Solutions, we have a proven track record when delivering highly specialised ERP Solution professionals and teams.

Implementation of ERPs systems

When implementing ERP Systems, some processes must be completed to have success from the transition. There are many complexities involved in redesigning an organisations system to implement ERPs.

A pre-implementation and implementation strategy need precision for it to be cost-effective. The most significant setback for most organisations is the non-conforming employees who feel susceptible to change, so making it simple and transparent is key for success to be less time exhaustive and cost-effective.

Business Process

An ERP implementation ensures assessing and improving internal and external business processes, control points and breaking points between departments. The resistance from employers and employees for the change is that instantly the thoughts process becomes an ERP is being implemented to replace the workforce, which is not always the case. 

There are considerable efforts in making changes that are significant in terms of development, testing and documentation. The future cost of maintenance and upgrades will be substantial, affecting the system’s entire life cycle.

You can learn more about how ERP can be used to accelerate business processes and design here.

Gap Analysis

Above is just a small example of Business Process Mapping and Gap Analysis.

At PerformIT, we will establish where to focus during the analysis. Whether it’s from finance, product quality, marketing etc. We will pick that specific problem area you need to improve on, so you don’t have to.

Implementation Methodology:

The most widespread implementation methodology is when a cut-off point is agreed so the implementation can go live throughout the whole organisation, all at the same time. Everyone in the business aims to move to the new systems simultaneously so that manual systems can be disabled at the same time.

This method is cost-effective and time-efficient rather than adopting phased implementation. This method is high risk due to the unknown. However, our experts are so experienced in their field of work that they will make it as painless and highly functional as possible.

Here at PerformIT Solutions, we would take care of all the full transformation for you, from beginning to when engaged in the early stages of an ERP or digital transformation project, implementation and looking after all the individual business needs.

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