The Do’s and Dont’s during ERP Implementation

At PerformIT Solutions, we have a proven track record when delivering highly specialised ERP Solution professionals and teams.

ERPs are very complex, expensive and time-consuming to implement for any organisation.

It’s not only large companies that implement ERPs or want to transform their organisation. ERPs are critical to most organisations, particularly those who want to become more efficient and tech-savvy. Failure is highly possible, and there are various “Dos” and “Dont’s” affecting the success or failures of an ERP implementation.

Is everyone on board?

A crucial aspect is to get commitment from the executives of an organisation. Ensuring you have the right level of sponsorship and buy-in is critical, particularly regarding governance and strategy. This ensures that during the process of implementation, many conflicts that will need to be resolved by those who look over the project. They should also ensure that most subject matter experts are engaged in the project and released from routine functions whenever needed.

Is expenditure forecast realistic?

ERP implementation projects need many kinds of support alongside financial budgeting. As it seems, there are many software integrations that must be transitioned with managing to save and cleanse input and archive data from legacy systems.

Have you picked a team of reputable and experienced Consultants?

Organisations that require the implementation of ERPs must select their consultants. We at PerformIT solutions make that easy to do. Our consultants have the experience and ability to conduct and implement ERP projects. We specialise in Workday, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, which gives our potential customer variety and reliability and access to multi-vendor specialised expertise.

At PerformIT Solutions, we will only recommend the product(s) you require without increasing the complexity or timelines.

Who will manage your project?

It is imperative to make sure the project transformation and implementation is managed by a team that will have a realistic and methodical approach to reaching the milestone and deliverables set out by the programme.

In our step-by-step training module, we have you covered to adapt and progress with the ERPs to fit individual needs, from basic to advanced users.

What about your data?

All transferable data must be relevant and gathered by experts, so duplication and cleansing are avoided at all costs. This part of the process can be time-consuming and expensive if data is lost. Careful planning and transferring is vital for any organisation and is generally where most projects/programmes fail.

Here at PerformIT Solutions, we take care of all the transformation for you, from when engaged in the early stages of an ERP or digital transformation project, implementation and looking after all the individual business needs.

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