Workday and HCM

At PerformIT Solutions, we have a proven track record when delivering highly specialised ERP Solutions and professionals embedded directly into your teams.

It has become even more imperative for organisations to streamline processes to collaborate better across the organisation. Modern challenges require modern solutions such as empowering employees to take charge of their holiday bookings, managing their appraisals, or ensuring that their skills and expertise are captured for development and reporting reasons.

More than ever, organisations rely on systems to complete time-consuming tasks by collaborating cross-department activities or tasks and ensuring that all information is contained within one system. If COVID-19 has taught organisations anything, it’s to ensure that information is readily available and accessible to all those that require it most seamlessly and efficiently.

What is HCM Workday?

Workday Human Capital Management offers a single enterprise system with its single data source, single-user experience and security model. Workday HCM enables employers with a cloud-based offer built from the ground up and constantly evolving to the needs of organisations to meet the needs and market demands for organisations to remain current.

Like most cloud-based SaaS solutions, staff can install up-to-date software updates as soon as they become available without having to go through costly releases or product upgrades with a typical on-premise solution.

We are always looking at how to help businesses rise to business transformation challenges and improve processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies across the organisation.

Why should your business consider Workday HCM?

A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM is probably one of the reasons why you should consider Workday. However, there are many more, such as;

  • Friendly, easy to use interface, everything seems to be precisely where you need it.
  • Employee and self-service user experience ahead of the competition. Manage your team’s skills, development, compensations, absence, and learning, all in one place.
  • Rich reporting dashboards and data availability through augmented analytics – real-time insights into your data sets with dynamic visualisations.
  • Predictive intelligence built into the platform offering a tailored employee and manager experience.

Is Workday HCM User friendly? 

HCM delivers a personalised experience. It empowers the workforce in any organisation, and milestones can reach more achievable targets through a much-improved user experience.

Workday offers a unique, personalised and tailored user experience focussing on the user journeys that matter most. Unlike other vendors, Workday is modern and integrates seamlessly with different technologies and platforms, making it an easy choice for most organisations.

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