How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied to ERP | PerfomIT Solutiions | ERP Specialists

If you’re new to the idea of ERP Applications, the best way to think of it is an all-singing, all-dancing enterprise-wide application, bringing all your crucial business strategies, processes and transactions under one roof.

Artificial Intelligence working in tandem with a physical team is a match made in business heaven, and in this latest PerformIT blog, we’re going to detail just how artificial intelligence can be applied to an ERP solution for your business – after all, we are Implementation and Transformation experts!

Why organisations need AI:

Every business and employee needs to make the most of the time available to them in a working day. Integrating AI and into an ERP solution can considerably boost your workforce’s productivity.

This can be achieved in much the same way humans interact with an ERP; by teaching an AI system the same set of rules that your employees currently follow. AI can then be left to function and complete the more boring day-to-day tasks that can often bog down your team members.

By using AI in this way, employees are freed up to direct their efforts into tasks that require their unique skills, business domain expertise and creativity.

Improving Supply and Demand:

If your business’s sole focus is selling products and product management, AI can make the days of tedious inventory reports a thing of the past!

From start to finish the management of products can be one of the most challenging tasks for a business to juggle, particularly if production is on a large scale.

Using AI & ERP in this manner can make a task that can often spread across several departments into one. Any given product’s flow, supply, and demand can be more closely monitored with less human error and more efficiency.

Supply and demand can be monitored through intelligence, making just in time processes even more meaningful.

AI made simple:

Knowing how your business operates and the processes which can be automated is key to ensuring you make the most from any AI solution.

By choosing to integrate AI with your existing ERP solution, this reduces the chance of human error which can be eliminated and prove an extremely cost-effective and valuable addition to your business.

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