Why organisations need Business Process and Design

When considering digital transformation in any organisation, it is critical to have a business process design to identify what changes need to be made successfully.

The objective is to identify and implement fundamentally different business processes to improve tasks that can be resource exhaustive and time-consuming, and proven to be costly in the long run. Here at PerformIT Solutions, we can help with the Processes, so you don’t have to.

How these three tools can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in Business Process design.

1. Identifying Pain Points

  • Financial pain points
  • Process related pain points
  • Productivity pain points
  • Accountability pain points

Identifying Pain Points is the most crucial stage to understand what improvements can be made. In any organisation, financial pain points are time problems customers face that involves money.

2. Business Process Benchmarking

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Integration
  • Action

Business Process Benchmarking will involve the complex steps that help Gain an independent perspective on how well you perform compared to other companies. The need to carry out processes to recognise gaps and identify areas for improvement enabling a mindset and culture of continuous improvement.

3. Business Process Capability

  • Managing risk
  • Information security management
  • Managing credit risk
  • Pricing etc

Business Process Capability describes what an enterprise does, not how it does it. A business capability summarises and captures the people, process, procedures, technology, and information into the essential building blocks needed to improve performance and redesign.

Here at PerformIT Solutions, we would take care of all the full transformation for you, from beginning to when engaged in the early stages of an ERP or digital transformation project, looking after all the individual business needs.

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