What’s New - Oracle HCM Update

We’ve been taking a look at what’s new within Oracle HCM Cloud Update 21A. We’ve summarised a few highlights for you to take a look at.

Employee Assignments

A new key feature in the HCM update to assignment screen is duplication can now be avoided when moving future assignment updates during a legal employer change. HR professionals now have much more control over future dated transactions, i.e. termination, as this would be moved as part of the mass legal employer change.

Opportunity Marketplace

Opportunity marketplace allows organisations to create an ‘under the one roof’ space of talent in the workplace to establish career progression within the organisation. Employees can manage and connect with departments internally, tapping into career and self-development opportunities. The idea is to connect both managers and employees on skill sets and interests to fill resource gaps internally. Here at PerformIT Solutions, we see this as a great way to manage resourcing gaps, particularly in light of COVID and ensure you understand all the relevant skillset within your organisation at any given time.

Embark on Journeys

Customers will now be able to use Journeys to steer employees both in their personal and professional transitions. Individuals can track themselves against goals and tasks. The single user interface makes it easier to perform tasks acting as helpful reminders, providing a personalised user experience.  Employers can help move them through difficult changes smoothly and accurately as these journeys will provide the right information when they need it.

Remote working has been more and more desirable for employees and employers, too, with Video intro through connections. This is more about personalising virtual workspace so more can be known about someone effectively, which helps the employers experience to be more complete and engaging. Another aspect of aiding support and wellness for employees is digital assistance. It’s quick, accurate and possibly the most current way of staying in touch with your employees’ well-being. Digital assistance questions and answers about health, in general, provide the employee and user with information, guidance and support at their fingertips.

HR best practices on Tap

Payroll Connect is a simplified, automated integration linking data flow between oracle cloud HCM and a processors payroll solution, improving payroll processing efficiency to meet legal and regulatory obligations where your business operates. The simplest and frequent mistakes are made in payroll, which is why all payroll processes are available within Oracle Cloud HCM, and this allows employers not to have to enter information in two places.  The aim is to reduce the likelihood of information being entered as a real-time error message can be sent out, so errors can be resolved straight away.

Oracle Anytime Pay allows an organisation to pay employees for the time worked on the day the work was complete with the new update.

Worker Identification information

You can now enable additional information such as person number, assignment number, and business title in the employment flows page header. This is quite useful as it provides a snapshot without having to go into records.

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