What’s New in the SAP Business Network Update

As an organisation we are looking into ways of making our clients more efficient in their business transformation, without a huge cost to go with it.

The SAP Business Network aims to accelerate businesses through supportive connected and collaborative networks, creating dynamic digital connections.

There are three components that consist in the SAP Business Network and the RISE with SAP starter Pack.

Connect Seamlessly with suppliers

Enables a whole new automation of your entire purchasing life cycle, giving users the luxury of searching for goods and services in one place. Buying and invoicing has become more streamline usage is much more effective through better transparency, and by having automated software solutions for entire purchasing life cycle.

Integrated ERP solutions offer better automation of the end to end of the procure-to-pay process, spend and reporting, enhancing the user experience for greater efficiency accuracy of data and productivity.

Connect Shippers and Carriers

Enables businesses to connect with partners and suppliers through a stocks and goods shared portal, providing more accurate and up to date tracking.

Increased visibility and connectivity has helped logistic providers to better collaborate and extend reach into third party networks in real time. Instant access with improved connectivity allows for more realistic deadlines and targets to be achieved, boosting productivity and operational excellence.

Connect and share Asset usage Information:

Enables organisations and products manufacturers to stay connected to their products even after sale. For example when buying a car a manufacturer warranty may run out after 3 years.

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